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DxMultiomics provides a platform that allows users to discover and connect with the latest in the field of multiomics, providing a comprehensive overview of the fast evolving industry.

The biotechnology industry is changing faster than ever. With the advancement of genomic sequencing platforms which has revolutionized the way we understand and treat disease to AI powered drug discovery platforms that can screen millions of molecules and predict the efficacy of a drug in a short span of time, the industry is undergoing a massive transformation.

Explore, connect, and stay ahead of the curve with DxMultiomics all-in-one platform.


We are a team of scientists, engineers and marketing experts, with experience spanning in a variety of disciplines, all working towards building a knowledge platform to bring together the latest in the field of multiomics.

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DxMultiomics tracks the latest news from the biotechnology industry and provides a curated feed of the most relevant news articles. All the added articles are manually curated by our team to ensure that only the most relevant are added to the feed. All the added articles can be found on company page but may or maynot appear on the feed.

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DxMultiomics provides a platform for companies to showcase their products, platforms, pipelines, services and more. We are soon launching an app that will allow verified companies to add and manage their company page. Meanwhile if you would like to edit or add your company page, please email us at


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